Hi All,

this is what we are working with:
running db2 8, in aix, embedded sql in c++ applications

current process:
Currently when building out apps. for production we schedule a down time, copy all the source to the production server and then run our build, db2 prep, bind then compile the c++ source.

what I would like to try:
what I'm thinking is that if we catalog the production database so we can get to it from our development server then I could seect the production db, run the build process from development, the packages would be created in production and then for our install we only need copy the executables.

the BIG concern is that running a build without a down time could cause production problems when the prep and bind are running, does prep and bind lock any resources ? is this something to be concerned about ? each developer runs the build process in development and there does not appear to be any problems.

we are using auto versioning so the current application would not be effected
(timestamp problems).