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    Unanswered: Speed differences between varchar2 and blobs


    Does anyone have a vague idea, how much speed difference there is aproximately between reading data of approx 3k from a varchar2 field as opposed to from a blob field? (the blob having its own tablespace of course) What about writing?

    I'm using embedded SQL in C++.


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    I suggest that you do empirical measurements. Normally, BLOB fields are oriented toward holding "huge" amounts of information, such as entire documents or photos, while VARCHARx fields are geared toward "modest" sizes. Paragraphs. Things that can be full-text-indexed.

    So, of the two, VARCHARx fields sound to me to be more appropriate but if speed is the overweening concern the only way to be sure is to set up a couple of test cases and measure.
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