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    Unanswered: sysperfinfo table empty

    I'm running SQL 2000 (SP3) on top of Windows NT 4.0 (SP6).

    I have a couple of processes that look at the sysperfinfo table every day to collect some performance/metric type information. It works for all my other servers (mostly SQL 2K/Win2K) except for this one.

    Why is the table on this one server empty?

    I do have one other SQL 2K/Win NT server. The sysperfinfo table on that one is fine.

    the only other clue/difference is that the server which has the empty table is a named instance install of SQL 2K.

    Any hints?


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    OK, I'm like, WOW...

    Never looked at that scott

    Are you sure it's running in master?

    What's the code that does the "read"

    I just did a SELECT against a named instance on 2k...

    What do you do with the data?

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    Hi Brett,

    I've tried logging in as myself (Windows authentication) and as sa. Both times, I come up with the same result.

    The query is simply "select * from sysperfinfo".

    I pull out select bits and pieces and log them to an "admin" database. Right now, I pull out data file size, log file size, and one other piece (can't remember off the top of my head).

    In the past, I have used it to pull out connection memory utilization and some other data points. Mostly I use it to track storage and memory utilization and report it to mgmt on a weekly basis. I also use it to do pro-active storage and capacity analysis.

    Just odd that this one instance is FUBAR'd. But then, I inherited this from someone else who...well...nevermind.

    Is it Friday yet?


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