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    Arrow Unanswered: Batch file with dates

    i run batch file everyday for yesterday(say 14)

    How do i make that run today(14) for yesterday say 1 am and pass this

    batchfilename 714 (7 for month and 14 for yesterday at say 1 am on 15 th)

    for i do many copy commands in that batch file and i need to pass yesterday's date. I am doing from MS DOS

    copy n:\local\verifs1\%1?????.ver n:\local\schncube\ver\%1?????.ver

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    Try perl

    Did yopu notice that this is Unix shell scripts?

    DOS batch has very few useful utilities and is hopeless at date manipulation. You would do best to install a perl interpreter and run a perl script (
    You might manage using kixtart or an other DOS based script language but once you learn perl you'll never use anything else!

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