I have received an indoubt transaction on database as :

1. originator: XA
appl_id: *LOCAL.db2cawp1.0C06F2160535 sequence_no: 1 status: i
timestamp: 07-12-2004 22:53:24 auth_id: CICS
log_full: n type: RM
xid: 0001BBA900000014 00000015E86C02AA 5719EF365311D9B5 D4BCC27A94A28B1B
018DEBC07A015C79 FA35F1A3BA28CD19 F6AC9460E9

there are 3 queries:

1. Does the timestamp refers to the time when this process has occured ?
2. How can I identify the traqnsaction which has caused this ? Thing to note that the indoubt transaction does not exist anymore when run list indoubt transaction.
3.where will the error be logged, in db2diag.log or in CICS console. CICS is the transaction manager for the application.
4. Can