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    Hello guys I havge a FE/BE app with oracle as its back end and Access 2000 as its front end. In my app, I have bunch of reports which are accessed through a form. Each report is based on a query. The form also has some text boxes that provide filtering for these reports.

    So in other words I have queries with where clauses and then I have form with more filtering text boxes. if the user leave all the filter boxes on the form as default then the report is run with only the query its based on like

    docmd.openreport "report name",acViewPreview

    but if a user picks some additional filter then I run the report like this

    docmd.openreport "report name",acViewPreview,,strwhere

    where strwhere is the additional statement that I create.

    My question is how MS Access captures the data in the second case? Does it pulls all the data (as per its query) through ODBC into Access and then filters it locally based upon the strWhere variable ? Or it pulls the data from Oracle based upon its query and the strWhere variable right on the server and brings back the final recordset?

    Please help.

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    The world may never know ... It's a guess as to how MS internally optimizes it SQL queries ... My hunch is that it would build the filter into the query prior to requesting matching data ...
    Back to Access ... ADO is not the way to go for speed ...

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