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    Unanswered: VB MSDE Distribution


    Please guide me.

    All our customers have sybase as thier backend and VB as thier front end and now we want to migrate to SQL server. So I have to send a CD to our customers with the free SQL version(MSDE) and everything has to be automated.My CD shud be able to install MSDE in the clients machine and create the schema and transfer the data from thier db to our .mdf(MSDE DB-Free SQL server version) db.
    Can the above be achecived thru installshield.I have install shield xpress 2.1.
    I even have the .SQL script files to create the schema.
    Can anyone guide me the best approach to proceed with this.
    Very urgent

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    hi! i tried the same thing once. installshield works perfectly in most cases. then in your case, it should work fine.

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