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    Unanswered: Can I remove those subfolders within NODE0000 directory ?

    Have a space crunch on a D: of an NT4 server where DB2 v6.1 is installed. We have over 40+ DB2 databases somewhat small (~10MB) in size. Over 500MB of space is taken by the subdir of DB2\NODE0000 with folders like Sql00001, Sql00033, etc.. Modified dates (according to explorer) for the 47 folders there are from 6/12/04 or older, but we know our 40+ DB2 databases are updated with data nightly. As a matter of fact, only 3 are modified from June 2004 or more recent.

    - Do these folders correspond to each DB2 db we have (not likely since modified dates don't relate) - then what are these 47 subdirectories and can we delete them ?

    - If we copy them off somewhere else and we discover we needed those contents, would it be as simple as copying the folders back ?

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    Those folders have one to one relationship with each database you have (if you have created all of them in the default path) and thus should not be alterted. They do contain important data and I am guessing in most cases your tablespaces might still be under those directories. Alterting that folder might make your database unusable.


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    rh71, I strongly disadvise you to delete subfolders from NODE0000.

    I advise you to:
    1. create backup of databases you would like to move
    2. restore databases to different directory (within restore command you can specifiy the new directory path)
    3. drop "moved" databases

    Above process will free disk space...

    Hope this helps,

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