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    Unhappy Unanswered: Too few parameters message


    query works in Access but fails in Dreamweaver

    I pasted this query created in an Access grid ... into an asp recordset in dreamweaver mx:

    SELECT TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL, TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AloneSUMLEVEL, TblUSPop1990.USA1990StateID, TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AloneStateID, TblUSPop1990.USA1990PopID, TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AlonePopID, TblUSPop1990.USA1990, TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000Alone
    FROM TblUSPop1990 LEFT JOIN TblUSPopAlone2000 ON (TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL = TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AloneSUMLEVEL) AND (TblUSPop1990.USA1990StateID = TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AloneStateID) AND (TblUSPop1990.USA1990PopID = TblUSPopAlone2000.USA2000AlonePopID)
    WHERE (((TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL)="010" Or (TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL)="040") AND ((TblUSPop1990.USA1990StateID)=[Enter a StateID]))
    ORDER BY TblUSPop1990.USA1990PopID;

    Even when I substitute the entry param [Enter a StateID] with a custom Request.Form variable called "varStateID" I get the error message "Too few parameters; expected 2"

    Any thoughts?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bariboy
    WHERE (((TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL)="010" Or (TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL)="040") AND ((TblUSPop1990.USA1990StateID)=[Enter a StateID]))
    WHERE ((TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL="010") Or (TblUSPop1990.USA1990SUMLEVEL ="040")) AND (TblUSPop1990.USA1990StateID =[Enter a StateID])
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