I hope someone can help as this is driving me mad!

We have a massive memory leak on our server.

It's not incremental the server can run just fine, but then inthe space of 1 second will use all memory 2gig! and 100%cpu.

I have posted a screenshot of the task manager here http://www.forcesreunited.org.uk/images/mem-leak.jpg

The weird thing is once it happens once it seems to then fire it off all the time until we do an iisreset.exe

Also even running Disk Defrager can set it off!

This is a new server only two months old and it happend on the old server as well.

The only way we can stop the server from crashing is to run ramidle permanently to reclaim the memory.

Hope someone has an idea, as no-one seems to thus far!

If you could find out the root of the problem were willing to pay!