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    Question Unanswered: Extend segment on same device

    I have a database on 1 data- and 1 logdevice on a HP Tru64 Unix-box.
    The database is 1 GB, 600MB data, 400MB log. The datadevice has 400MB of space left, the logdevice 600MB.
    A "logsegment full"-error appears in the errorlog, so I have to extend the logsegment (or so it says ).

    It seems impossible to extend the logsegment on that same logdevice (or datadevice, I don't understand it).
    Can anyone tell me how to solve this? I want to avoid all those extra devices for 1 database. I can resize the device if needed.

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    My advice is not to rush to increase the logsegment
    unless you have decided that it became small for
    daily use. Often, a uncommon event drove to a
    full logsegment, and the solution is to react to that
    particular event.

    First, query the last active transaction for the db.
    db's log cannot be truncated further if that
    transaction doesn't finish. The query is:
    select * from master..syslogshold where dbid=...

    Usually, that identifies a connection (by its spid)
    falling in one of these three categories:
    1 - Long running tran. Someone forgot to close it
    or the program failed leaving the ASE connection
    open. Just kill it and dump tran.
    2 - Huge tran, probably inserting, updating or
    deleting thousands of rows. If that process can
    be broken down in several smaller transactions,
    tell the programmer to do it. Meanwhile, kill the
    huge connection, wait for its rollback (a long wait)
    and dump tran.
    3 - "Ghost connection": the spid doesn't appear in
    master..sysprocesses. Usually, ASE's errorlog shows
    a stack trace involving that spid. Since this kind of
    connection cannot be killed, you'll have to reboot ASE.
    Warning: startup will take a long time.

    Other causes are also possible.

    Mariano Corral

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