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    Hi there im new to this sort of thing

    I have very little database knowledge. I have created a new databsae in access 2000 in a multiuser enviroment but it keeps crashing with the error message unrecognized database format when a certain selection of data is searched for either in a form or on the table itself. I have tried all avenues of approach to try to resolve this to no avail.

    My thought is that a certain slice of the data is '#deleted' or otherwise corrupt, but it wont let me delete the offending records as it always brings up that error.

    Any ideas would be appreciated as the only solution i can think of to work around this problem is to create a new datbase in 2003 and manually (copy and paste) all the data into the new database but this might be a long task

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    I too am having a similar problem. (after running the database for 12 months without problems)

    Have you split the database into a back end and separate front ends for each user?

    Microsoft Access help has all the info but the basics are to hold all of the tables in a central back end database and access/manipulate the data via an individual front end database containing queries, forms etc. You need to set up record locking to prevent two users writing to the same record at the same time. (I use record level locking and locking on editted records - set in tools - options - advanced)

    This works fine for me (up until 4 weeks ago), using 20+ tables and many forms/sub forms. My problem appeared due to users opening multiple copies of the same database and not closing the individual database components before closing down Access.

    Hope this helps


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    using 1 shared database (we are only a small company 5 people use it) with 1 table half full with fields. I have managed to isolate fault down to a corrupt (or a couple) records that say #error (viewing the data table when i get to record 1487/1550 it locks meout so i cant change anything)

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    Try the repair and backup utility. AND BACK UP NOW
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