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    Iva attached my database for view to make sure I at least set that up correctly..
    Basically I have a VB program with a custom calendar. I need to load my custom calendar with dates from my Database

    In order to do that I must tell you..I refer to the valid dates for the given month the user is in through a variable loop starting with "StartPoint" and ending with "StopPoint"

    StopPoint being the number of days in a particular month.
    What I need to do is have my program look at the database

    Then Determine the month the and year the user is working in

    Then load the values for the days of that month for the current employee the user is on

    I Started to attemp this as follows:
    Private Sub LoadValues()

    Dim SQLString, SomeDay As String
    Dim I As Integer
    Dim StartPoint, StopPoint As Integer

    'Add Values to textBoxes
    For StartPoint = StartPoint To StopPoint Step 1 'loop only though valid textboxes

    SomeDay = MyMonth & "/" & StartPoint & "/" & CboYear.Text
    SQLString = "SELECT * FROM TblEmpAttendance WHERE Date = '" & SomeDay & "'"
    TxtDate(StartPoint).Text = SqlStatement
    Next StartPoint

    End Sub

    Unfortunatley I dont know even where to begin.

    I need to load my txtdate(i) textbox array with the values returned in the sql string. Instead it loading them with the sqlstring itsself

    I cant even get the sqlstring to get looked at correctly by my program
    Thanks in advance-Greg (using vb6 NOt!)
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