I'm a relative newbie with Crystal Reports, so any help/guidance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

I have created a report that seems to work properly except for one issue. I used the Select Expert to identify a Customer Name and Date Range for the report (for example, ABC Corporation, 2nd Quarter 2004) after creating it. I then ran the report and everything worked/displayed fine. Now I go into the same report definition and go back to the Select Expert to run the report for another customer (for example, XYZ Corporation, 2nd Quarter 2004). Once I close the Select Expert window, Crystal Reports displays the following message:

"The SQL Query has previously been manually overridden (refer to : Database Menu - Show SQL Query). Your changes to the selection formula and the overridden SQL query will both be used to generate records for your report."

If I open the Select Expert window again, I see my new data (XYZ Corporation, 2nd Quarter 2004), but if I open the SQL Query, I see the old data (ABC Corporation, 2nd Quarter 2004). It seems as if the information from the Select Expert is not updating the SQL Query. I can manually edit the SQL Query to include the correct information from the Select Expert, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help,