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    Unanswered: Add new page to tab control


    I am trying to add a new page to a tab control in code when a user clicks a button. I need to offer a facility where they can create tabs and populate the page with a standard subform.

    A user would select a hotel and then create a tab for that hotel. They could then select another hotel which would add another tab and so on. They also need the facility to delete tabs!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, w00dy

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    So the form opens and theres like checkboxes for each hotel? then the tab gets it's own tab with details?
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    An enquiry is passed to central reservations, they log the details and then select which hotels they contact for the best deal (within their own group of hotels). At that point they need to click a button 'Hotel' which adds a new tab to the exisiting tab control. They can then select from a drop down (on new tab) which hotel they are contacting. Tab name updates and a subform is displayed based on the enquiry details. They can then add another hotel if they wish or delete one.


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