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    Unanswered: Copy Acc2k to new location


    I took a new position to maintain a database, which is already in production. The database is split as front end/back end database where the table (be) on the server and the (fe) forms, queries, etc distributed users machine. My question is two fold:

    1. I was trying to copy the database onto a CD or Flash drive so I can take it home to make some changes. Do I need to delete the link so that both the fe and the be will be in the CD, or do I just need to go to the path in the cod and change it there?
    When I open the Log in form in design mode and go to cod, I see the following:

    Set dbs ‘db name’= wrkJet.OpenDatabase(“bhha_fs\Vol1\apps\folder name\db name.mdb”)

    2. The database, among other application currently resides on a Novell server and the we are planning to move it to a different server (NAS server) what will be the steps to accomplish this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    As far as taking the database home, it should be a matter of getting a copy of the Back End and the Front End onto a CD. Once you get it home, all of the linked tables probably won't work anymore. You have to re-establish the links. You will have to delete all of the linked tables in the Front End and then Link them to the new location of the Back End. You can use File/Get External Data/Link Tables, then find the Back End and finally select all of the tables that were linked before.

    Also at home you will have to find and replace all of the references to your server and replace them with the new location of the database. This might be a pain, depending on how many hard-coded references there are. If you find a bunch I would think about using some sort of lookup to get the Back End path in the future.

    The other thing to keep in mind, if you copy the databases to a CD, when they are copied to your hard drive at home they will be Read Only. You will want to change the file attributes so that you can make modifications to the database.

    Finally, for moving the Back End to another server, all the steps you take to set it up at home will have to be duplicated when you move it to another server.

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