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    Unanswered: converting from fp3 to fp7

    I recently upgraded from FM Pro 4 to FM Pro 7 and used the conversion utility to convert my fp3 files to fp7. One of the files contains a report that has some color printing on it, but the fp7 file does not print in color. I've loaded one of Filmaker's sample files and printed it with color, but my converted file only prints in b&w. I'm using a QMS 2200 color laser printer on a Windows 2000 Server network with Win 2k Pro workstation.
    Any ideas??

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    Howdy! Hmm... the only thing I can recommend is to double-check the driver and printer description file you use when you print. For example, I've had files that were printed on HP LaserJets (B/W) primarily, so when we switched to color, we had to switch the drivers/PPDs... otherwise, using the HP B/W PPD led to B/W output on the color printer.

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    I don't see PPDs affecting color rendering to the extent you are speaking; however, I have found that FileMaker 7 converts some graphics in ways that I would not have expected. 'Old' FileMaker stored all graphics in Container fields a PICT images (even on a Windows machine). FileMaker 7 utilities Quicktime (even more than before) and supports new file types, but it appears that PICTs are no longer the 'internal' file.

    The reason for going into this long explain is that I think if you re-imported you color graphics, you may have better luck. If you have a bunch then maybe we need to talk about ExportFM and Troi File, but try this first.

    I'm assuming that the color that is not printing are graphics that are on the layout or in Container fields. If that is not the case, let me know and I will give it another shot.

    Another idea is to have someone else with FMP 7 and a color printer try to print from this file. If you do not know someone, then you can send the file to me and I will test it for you...



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