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    Unanswered: Run Time Error 429

    i m facing critical probs.
    i had created apps using vb6 and access 2000 as backend.
    I have used P & D WIZARD TO DEPLOY.
    i have used MS ADO 2.6 object.
    connection string of connection object is as under:
    "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Jet OLEDBatabase Password=pwd; Data Source=" & dbpath & ";Persist Security Info=False"

    i had also deployed neccessary files for Microsoft Jet ole db 4.0 provider.
    i had also include DCOM98 into deployment.
    In some (NOT ALL) WIN98 OS it gives me following errors:
    1) a class doesn't support automnation or support accepted interface.
    why this happens on some m/c ?
    2 ) Run time error : - Object Not set

    What is solution for it ?

    plz help me.

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    Try using early binding when declaring the db and recordsets

    dim cn as new adodb.connection
    dim rec as new adodbd.recordset

    and / or

    Declare the connection in a module and make them a global variable.

    Let me know if it works



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