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Thread: BDE Error: 8453

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    Angry Unanswered: BDE Error: 8453


    We're using GoldMine 4 which uses dbase database to store its data. If we don't give users PowerUser rights on their local machines -- which we don't want to do -- we get an BDE Error: 8453.

    How do we eliminate this error without giving users PowerUser rights?



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    Do you have more details on the error and your system? If you login to GoldMine once ont he local machine as an administrator or power user and then log out of GoldMine and then into windows as a regular user, do they still get an error? Upon the first run, GoldMine will copy gm4s32.dll to windows\system32 as well as check for/create a fegistry entry under HKLM/software/borland/ to record where the BDE can be found.. non admin/power users cannot do either of these tasks, however, once they're done, the regular users shouldn't need to RE-do those things...


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