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    Unanswered: need a query on looking up for strings ended with "W"

    Hi the Access experts!

    Hope to have a query to solve this old pain in my neck..

    I am looking up from Table1 to Table2 to match the OrderQty for the PartNumbers, using Join Properties. I insert another Field and name it as [W-PartNumberOrderQty]. Can I have the query such that Table1

    PartNumber will look for OrderQty in Table2 for only those PartNumbers that end with a "W" and output the values in this inserted Field name as [W-PartNumberOrderQty] ?

    Thanks a lot!




    PartNumber OrderQty
    0220-34567 4
    0220-34567W 5
    2442-12345W 10
    1120-44234W 12
    5587211 8
    5587211W 3

    Output Table

    PartNumber OrderQty W-PartNumberOrderQty
    0220-34567 4 5
    2442-12345 0 10
    1120-44234 0 12
    5587211 8 3

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    You can add a field in your query grid that uses the Right$ function. Set the seacrch criteria ="W"

    Check the help file for details an this function and adding fields and functions to a query.

    Good luck!
    have fun!

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    One solution would be to use the LIKE operator to look for a specific string.

    For example:

    SELECT PartNumber as [W_PartNumberOrderQty]
    FROM Table2
    WHERE PartNumber LIKE ("*W")

    The * is a wildcard.
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    Select Replace(partNumber, 'W', ''),
    SUM(CASE WHEN partNumber Like '%W' Then orderQty Else 0 END) As "W-PartNumberOrderQty",
    SUM(CASE WHEN NOT partNumber Like '%W' Then orderQty Else 0 END) As "OrderQty"
    from table2
    group by Replace(partNumber, 'W', '')
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