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    Question Unanswered: How to make my database multiuser

    I have an Access 97 database on a MS network which I want to make multiuser. Currently it is a multi owner, multi warehouse, inventory/wms app. I need to make the data enty available to multiple simultaneous users editing the same inventory and storage tables. This database pulls in data from 16 external datasources (CSV, Ascii and spreadsheet) as well as utilising its own internal tables. The tables to be edited/updated are all internal. Most of the functionallity of this db is reporting.

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    I would start by creating a workgroup. You can read up on workgroups in the access help files.

    Multi user access environments have their challenges. I have had OK experiences with less then 5 simultaneous users. Most multi user problems I have run into have to do with the users abnormally terminating their access session (forcing the database to shutdown during a process). This frequently leads to the LockFile (.ldb) remaining even though all users have disconnected.
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    ps. if you are not sticking to Access 97 for the users (ie. db might be currently in 97 format, but users have A200x installed now), you should check the possibilities of the front-end (.MDE - check out this...))/back-end (.MDB or other) solution in more recent access versions.

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