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    Unanswered: Print Button not picking new details and calculated fields!.

    Hi there

    I have a form with a print button which is the code below attached to the button. I have saved this same form as a report so when I click on the print button it opens open the report to Print.

    However I have noticed that if I add new details(record ) into the form and click the print button, the page to print is blank , it does not pick up the newly entered details even when I press the save button.

    Also I noticed that when I click the print button after closing the form and opening again some details show but the calculated fields that are (calculated on fly) the fields are not in the table do not show up (totalpounds and total naira).
    Also noticed that the buttons are showing even though I have selected display on screen only.

    Private Sub Command105_Click()
    If Me.Dirty = True Then Me.Dirty = False
    Dim strDocName As String
    Dim strWhere As String
    strDocName = "R-Transaction Add New Record"
    strWhere = "[TransactionNumber]=" & Me!TransactionNumber
    DoCmd.OpenReport strDocName, acPreview, , strWhere

    End Sub

    Can some pls help me, how can I solve this problem or am I missing something crucial

    Many Thanks for ur help in advance.

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    You should put a refresh command in right after the 'command_click'

    Just type


    in your code.

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    re print button not picking up form details.

    Thanks jKevin for ur quick reply.

    I have tried ur suggestion but it still doesn't seem to pick up the details.

    I think I am missing something.....I have attached a a copy of the Db so anyone might want to have a look...cause sometimes seeing the DB allows one more room to see the problem.

    Many Thanks.

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