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    Unanswered: archival and purging

    Hi gurus,
    I am totally new to oracle.I am expert in MSSQL SERVER and just know the basics of oracle.
    I have a third party application which need to be archived and pugred on
    monthly basis, it has around 312 tables and few hundereds of indexes running
    on oracle8, total DB Size is 10GB,We are totally unaware of the DB Design.
    It is taking 2 days for archival and purging which is real painful.
    Even ,The vendor is unsure of the delay reasons.

    Can any one help us in identifing the bottlenecks.
    will removing index and recreating will help?
    any good urls on archival and purging on oracle.

    Thanks in advance
    Srinivas varanasi

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    what do you mean by archiving and purging ? you start with your application monthly from scratch???
    to get the design out of your schema you can reverse engineer it with erm-tools like powerdesigner (I'm working with..) or a couple of other even free-/shareware tools

    if you issue a command drop user <user> cascade on a 10GB Database it will last some time ...
    therefore it might be better to re-create to instance ...

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