Dear all,

I've tried to perform db2 customization in db2 version 7 (modification:5, release: 1) using a remote PC. My PC has installed db2 client in which to connect to the db2 server via alias. Hence I can use it translate using app driver to do so.

However when i tried to perform db2profc command:
db2profc -user=db2admin -password=password -url=jdbc:db2:IMC_MAY -prepoptions="package using ICR001" DBManager_SJProfile0.ser

It does prompt error
[IBM][SQLJ Driver] SQJ0001W Customizing profile "DBManager_SJProfile0".

[IBM][SQLJ Driver] SQJ0105E Unable to customize profile "DBManager_SJProfile0".

I have searched the error and it directs me to IBM web site..

Does anyone have face the similar problem of it or share how to resolve it?
or maybe at least where can I find the more 'detail' log describing the problem?

Thanks in advance.