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    Angry Unanswered: db2move import is running out of heap space


    i exported the contents of a database using the db2move. however i am getting this error when i try to import the exported data:

    *** SQLCODE: -973 - SQLSTATE: 57011
    *** SQL0973N Not enough storage is available in the "APP_CTL_HEAP" heap to process the statement. SQLSTATE=57011

    i have already maxed out the target db's pckcachesz and app_ctl_heap_sz variables to 64000. i have already restarted the whole computer to make sure that the changes did take effect.

    im runing DB2 EE v7.2.5 on a Windows2K Professional machine if it helps. i find it rather ironic that DB2 cannot import what it has exported.


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    anybody know of any setting to tell DB2 to commit the records after a certain limit is set (commit after every 1000 records read by db2move import)?


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    There is a parm called "COMMITCOUNT n" parm on the IMPORT command. You can find the details in the Command Reference Manual. I recommend setting "n" to about 1000 -2000.

    For best import performance, you should also increase your log buffer size (logbufsz) significantly. If you do increase the log buffer, you must increase the dbheap by the same amount.
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