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    Question Unanswered: MyODBC & ADO

    Hi all,
    I'm using Mysql 4.0.15, MyODBC 3.51.06 and ADO 2.8. My problem is that when I retrieve data from a table with a datetime column "SELECT master.Fulldate ..." (Fulldate is the datetime column), I normally get a recordset whose first column is of adDBTimeStamp type (ado 135). As soon as I need aggregate functions as "SELECT SUBSTRING(master.Fulldate,1,13) as Fulldate ... GROUP BY Fulldate" to get hourly averages, the recordset field type change to adChar (129) and is no longer treated as a valid date. Is there a way to still get a date column's field type ?

    Thank you very much!
    Paolo Saudin

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    Hi Paolo,
    I use this:

    CAST (SUBSTRING(master.Fulldate,1,13) as datetime) as Fulldate ... GROUP BY Fulldate

    I hope I helped,

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    Thank you very much for the hint,

    I tried both CAST() and CONVERT() functions with no success, the field type is still adChar instead of datetime. I then installed MyODBC 3.51.08 and this time the field type was adBinary (ado 128)! I tried with MySql server 4.0.20d with the same result. I'm gonna try on another machine to see what's going on

    Thank again!

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