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    Unanswered: can we switch off Db2 log in os/390

    We have 2 db2 subsystems , obviously test and prod. The application group are trying to fix some data problems on few tables. So they were doing a lot of testing. 30,000 records for a table. so its writing a lot in logs. Just yesterday we have used some 30 tapes for archiving log alone.
    My question is can we set log off on some tablespaces/tables for some time. This is not a load job. Programmer are using batch cobol programs for updating the data.
    Any help in this regards is appreciated.
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    There is something wrong if you using 30 tapes to archive the logs created by updating 30,000 rows. Perhaps your active log files are too small, and not being stacked on tape, so each one archived is using an entire tape even though the tape is 95% empty after the log file is archived.

    In DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 version 7 you cannot turn off logging.
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