Hi all,

I've created some php pages which talk to a mySQL database (in theory). The whole thing works great on my testing server. I create the pages on my Windows XP machine, then test them on a Windows 2000 computer on the network with php and mySQL installed.

The pages work great, with me being able to add data, edit data and delete data from the database.

When I upload the pages to my webhost and change the connection details however it doesn't work. The php pages display OK but when I click the submit button on the form that is supposed to add info to the database then the page just refreshes. I know that the hosts server works as I have previously uploaded phpBB to it and it works fine. I also know that the connection to the database is correct as I am not given an error when opening these php pages.

So, why does it work on my testing server but not on the remote host? Could it be that we are running different releases of mySQL or php? My code must be OK because I've seen it work!

Please help! Before I go insane!