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    Unanswered: Need help with list box still.

    Hi again

    I'm trying to create a qry that returns a list (datasheet view or something simular). From the list I'd like to be able to click on the choice I want and it brings up that record in my form.

    Right now I have the TBL. TBLOUT, w/ fields of FeedID, Client, Owner, etc.

    The qry is
    SELECT tblFeedOutbound.FeedOutboundID, tblFeedOutbound.Client, tblFeedOutbound.[Control Number], tblFeedOutbound.Product, tblFeedOutbound.Schedule, tblFeedOutbound.[Day Due Out], tblFeedOutbound.Carrier, tblFeedOutbound.Owner, tblFeedOutbound.[Transfer Method], tblFeedOutbound.[File Location]
    FROM tblFeedOutbound
    WHERE (((tblFeedOutbound.Owner)=[Please Enter Name]));
    After I type in the name I'd like for it to return a list of all feeds in TBLOUT with that name as the owner.

    Can somone help?

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    Create a form with a list box thats control is set to that query. Once the form is opened by the user (by clicking a button or similar) this will prompt the user to enter the name and then they will be presented by the list. Ensure that your list box properties are set to have enough columns and displays the column headings and you are away.

    I have been asking the same queston about double clicking one of the enties in the list box to take you to that record and have got several responses which i am still trying out. Search for my name in this forum to see the returns,

    Good luck

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    I was thinking of a parameter, like the query above. You enter the parameter and it returns a list of choices. From the choices you click and it populates another form with the record you chose.

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    Regarding the synchronisation of your list with another form: why not make that other form a sub form and link the sub form key with your list box key. This way Access takes care of the synchronisation for you. I've never done this myself but can see no reason why it would not work.

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