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    Unanswered: A report Dilema

    Hi all,
    I have a report based on a query.The query pulls up around 5000 records and the reports sums up the results with 3 groupings with totals and a grand total. The porblem is if I run the query independant of the report, it gets the data in 5 seconds (that means the query is blazing fast) but when I run the report it takes atleast a minute to display the records.

    Any idea how I can make this report display faster?

    FYI. My query has no sorting. All sorting is in the report. Also the report is just 4 page report so there is no issue of hundereds of page formatting.

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    I'll guess that its all the sorting, especially if theres multiple sorts, and one or none index fields. Also think that in just the query it's just says I need record 1,4, 5 etc. And in the report it has to place it in there and do all the totals...
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    Another possibility would be formatting in the report. If you can format your data in the query instead of on the report, it may run faster.

    For example, if you are formatting a field in the report with the format string "$#,##0.00" it may be faster to include a format statement in your query instead.

    Haven't tested this -- it's just a thought.

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