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    Unanswered: load performance help

    I have two identical udb 8.1 servers running under aix 5.3.
    Both servers are 2 node logical part.
    On Server A the load of half million rows runs in 30 secs and
    On Server B the load of same half million rows runs in 200 secs.

    I checked the db and dbm cfg parms and they are identical on each node.
    also the db2set parameters are identical.

    Is there anything I am missing. How do I debug and rectify problem on Server B?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I wish my load ran in 200 seconds.

    Interesting that there's a difference like that, a few things possible, like REORG'ing might help get the pages in the right order. Could also be fragmentation on your filesystem if you're using SMS or DMS with file containers.

    Are you specifying the INDEXING MODE, or letting db2 AUTOSELECT? (default) If the default, maybe it's doing an INCREMENTAL on one node and a REBUILD on the other?

    Just a few thoughts.
    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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