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    Smile Unanswered: How to replace field Ids with user friendly name!

    Hi there

    I have a form that has amongst fields Ids that are foreign keys in the underlying table, however on the form I want to be able to display the name instead of the field ids whilst the ids would still remain the same in the underlying table.

    E.g. I have bank id I what to be able to see bank name instead of the id.

    Pls. can anyone help me out pls?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Waht do you mean? What kind of form is it? Ordinarily I'd say use an alias for your column name...
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    how to replace fields id with user friendly name.

    Hi Owen

    Thanks for ur reply?

    The form is form based on query made up of several tables and the cutomerID, bankId, that acts as foreign keys in the table when placed on the form show with the ids, I would like to replace this with eg customer name instaed of customer Id from the customer table.

    What do u mean by alias ?

    Many Thanks for ur help in advance.

    Much appreciated

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    In the query, type the name you want, followed by a colon right before the field name.

    For example: CuustomerID
    becomes: Customer Name Key: CustomerID

    This changes the name of the field to Customer Name Key.

    This is called aliasing.

    However, it sounds like you have the related keys and want another field from the record to show up - CustomerID being the foreign key and CustomerName being the foreign data you want. In the query, link the two tables together and then either double-click or drag the fields you want down to the grid.

    Hope this helps.
    have fun!

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    Hi tcace

    Many many thanks for ur reply.

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