I am attempting to create a form that has three parts:

1. Main form (form name: Time)
2. A subform that contains detail records (Detail)
3. A second subform that totals up the detail records created on the current date (DailyTotal). This second subform is based on a query that uses the Now() function to sum up only records that have today's dates (i.e. if I entered three records for 7/19/04, the query returns only these three records). The expression that totals the item of interest is called SumOfBillableHours.

I want to be able to enter new records into the Detail subform, and have the DailyTotal record update automatically. Thus far, I have learned how to update an object on the parent form.

I have tried to use the After Update event Procedure with the following command:


Unfortunately, the information does not update.

Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.