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    Exclamation Unanswered: paradox helP!!!!

    Hi, i am not very familiar to the program paradox, but i built 4 computers for a company that was running 386's and has paradox on it. They asked me to update them, so did to xp, and ive had nothing but trouble. I think they are running sumthing like paradox 3.5? or 4.0? im not sure, but it ran in dos before, and they had no operation system. I need severe help asap, because the program keeps losing scripts, or tables, and keeps freezing, and wont backup. Theyve gone 2 days without their comps, and i fear if i waste anymore time on them, im gonan start damaging their company please will someone, give me guided help to fix paradox to run in it, or SOMETHING! this is very urgent, and i beg anybodies advice, or guidance :\ thank you

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    You're not being very clear as to what you're trying to do, but i'll try to help you anyway: if what you're trying to do is run a Paradox for DOS application under emulated DOS session under Windows XP, you should surely follow these directions:

    1)Keep ALL paths to their original positions, don't change anything: if it was C:\PDOX in the old PC it should be exactly the same in the new one
    2)Give to all WinXP users all rights on the directories the program or paradox uses
    3)Be sure to copy over ALL the files needed, to be sure of that you MUST examine both AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS from the old PC, and any DOS batch file which is used to run the application.
    4)Try fiddling with the proprties of the shortcut which is used in XP to run the application; try giving plenty of EMS, XMS and base memory to the program, and be sure to set the PATH variable as it was in the original AUTOEXEC.BAT

    By the way, what do you mean by "they had no operation system"? Surely it had MS-DOS on it, which IS and operating system...

    I hope this doesn't mean you don't know nothing of DOS, since that would in turn mean that you SURELY WON'T BE ABLE TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE; this is an issue that can be resolved ONLY by knowing DOS well.

    Good luck!
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    I can say honestly i do know dos, maybe not as well as i should know dos, but i do know dos. and what i meant by no operation system i meant no windows-based system aka 3.1, 95,98 ect. And the problem im having is i built the new computers, put in a clean hdd fat32 format w/xp and then put their hdd in(d: ) as a slave. the easiest thing i figured to do, would be to just copy everything from d: to C: and create a folder, say "paradox" in c: and run it through their. But when i tried that, it was brining up errors such as, cannot load paradox: paradox.msg missing. But i can see it right in the folder. shortly after, this error went away and paradox would load, but would be missing important scripts or tables or they would be corrupt. And when i went to go edit the tables, to bring them back to their originality, they still came up as forms, tables, or certain scripts not found. although i thank you for the advice on the config.sys and autoexec.bat, because that was the last thought on my mind, so i will try that now, and go from there, but thank you for the much needed help

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