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    Db-Tools for Migration/Transformation

    Hi everyone,

    I need an application with these features: it must be able
    - to handle DB2, MicrosoftSQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ...
    - to backup and restore the data within the database tables (from any of the above mentioned databases to any of these dbs)
    - to Transform/Modify the data (script-able)

    - Move the database data from one database to another (for example from Oracle to DB2)
    - if there are structural changes of db tables or internal changes of the data, the data must be transformed for the new db version (Needed for Updates)

    Can anyone suggest any programs?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Talking Mysql,Oracle,DBX,SQL, to Mysql,Oracle,DBX,SQL

    hi ,

    the best tool i ever use to migrate my data from Clipper database to Oracle
    is two

    1- DBF to MySQL dbf2mysql (Freeware) it is a good tool to mIgrate from the DBF format to Mysql Easly and without any errors.


    2- i use the Oracle Migration workbench tool to migrate Mysql data direct in to oracle. (Freeware)

    But i think that happen before i get this powerfull tool

    the SqlWay toooooool

    Powerfull , easy, and convert the most known Database to ehat ever you wan't
    imagine you can convert from

    Excell, access, Oracle, Sql, Mysql, FoxPro, DB(X), text, CSv.


    Excell, access, Oracle, Sql, Mysql, FoxPro, DB(X), text, CSv.

    i think this is the best tool found untill this day

    it costs 295$ for 50 object Licence but i think i can help you

    send me an email.


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    You can take a look at MySQL Data Wizard, which is able to convert any ADO-compatible database (for example, MS SQL database) to MySQL. A fully-functional trial version of this software is available at

    Also you can take a look at MySQL Service Center, which allows you to backup/restore MySQL databases by schedule. You can read more about this product features at

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    How large your Oracle database? Is it production database?

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