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    Unanswered: please help me solve this designer problem

    My question is is Designer 6 compatible with Oracle 9i database??
    Our designer is hanging after every 15 mins.Especially when one is trying to commit the changes..
    Any suggestions please..Kindly help me out..
    What parameters can be checked and what are to be changed in order to rectify this problem.

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    Designer 6iR4.2 and higher are required to use a 9i database as your repository. I think the last release in the 6i series was R4.10 (four dot ten). See

    I am not aware of any init.ora params that change between the Designer 6iR4.x versions. I don't think upgrading from 4.1 to 4.10 requires any init.ora changes. However, when you implemented your 9i database did YOU change any of the init.ora params required by Designer.

    None of the Designer 6i products support the new features of the 9i or 10g databases. Such as locally managed tablespaces, automatic segment space management, etc. For that you need to upgrade to a minimum of Designer 10g, which is on the Oracle Developer Suite CD-ROM. And yes, you can put your Designer 10g SCM into a 9i database.
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