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    Lightbulb Unanswered: MSDE UniqueIdentifier

    Ok, testing out MSDE (pretty cool) and trying to set up relationships. I have a primary key in one table with a datatype of uniqueidentifer. My question is, how do I join that to another table? No other field type seems to want to match!

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    You can only join tables (in theory) through a primary key - foreign key relationship.


    tableA(id, colA, colB)
    tableB(id, colC, colD)

    Select *
    from tableA ta
    tableB tb ON =
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    Sorry, think I need to be more clear.

    Lets say I have two tables; Student and Teacher. A many to one relationship.

    In my Teacher table I have a primary Key or TeacherID which is a datatype of uniqueidentifier. In my Student table I have a foreign key called TeacherID.

    My question is, what datatype should I make the TeacherID foreign key in the Student table in order for a relationship to be created?

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    Thumbs up Fixed it!

    For anyone else who encounters this problem...

    Don't use a data type of uniqueidentifier for your primary key. Use int and there is a field option to choose "identity". Make that yes and it will auto increment much like the autonumber in Access.

    Then you can use int as the foreign key too.

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