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Thread: IDEF vs. UML

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    ER vs. UML

    Hello party people! I have to understand a DB without any primary or foreign keys. First I was trying to understand DB by digging it. Well, I came to oppinion it's impossible untill I construct a concept model.
    What notation to use? UML or to return back to DFD, ER and state diagrams? Personaly I would use UML notation because I can implement a whole project using only one tool.

    What methodology to choose?

    Any ideas?
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    Use your tool of choice for modeling. If you are comfortable with UML, it will certainly do the job nicely. I'd be inclined to use something a bit simpler myself.

    I see using UML for database modeling as something akin to calling a contractor to come change your burned out lightbulb... A bit of overkill even though it would fix the problem!


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    "I have to understand a DB without any primary or foreign keys."

    That's not a very good database!


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