I have composed a DTS package which imports data from a .csv file into a table called Prinsys. After the import i have a script which retrieve all the imported records loops through them and checks if the number exist in another table. When the number does not exist in second table it inserts a record with that number.

.csv file ---> Table Prinsys ---> Table Fotogalerij

After the import in Prinsys there 16655 records in that table, which is correct.
But for some reason during the import in table Fotogalerij all the records in Prinsys are deleted. And there is no delete statement in my ActiveX script.

I think it's the way i open the connection to my database, which is like this:
rsData.Open sSQL, oConn, 3, 1, &H1

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance