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    Hi there.

    The situation is as follows: a HP True64 Unix box with Sybase ASE, a windows2000pro server with OpenClient 12.5.
    The windowsserver is used as a maintenancebox to send dump- and dbcc-scripts to various ASE-servers. I have only 1 Unixbox, and with that one I encountered a bit of a difficulty.

    I want to overwrite the databasedump with a current one on the ASE server itself. Or, same result, rename the old dump to <dbname_date.dmp_old>, dump the database, and if succesfull, delete the old, renamed dump.

    Creating the script and dumping the database works when using the Windowsmachine, but the renaming and deleting won't work.

    Has anyone any ideas on how to solve this? Is there an option for the dump-database-command?Or maybe someone has a read-to-use script for me, doesn't matter if it has to run physically on the Unixmachine itself.
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