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    Unanswered: Subreports

    I have a doubt in subreports in crystal reports.
    I have orders,orderdetails,products tables from which i need to create subreports.
    i should first have the main report as orders - which should have a subreport order details - which should have one more subreport products.
    right now, i'm able to get only one subreport from the main report ie i'm able to see the order details from orders, but unable to see the products from the order details.
    i need subreport in a this possible.can anyone help me out.

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    Crystal Reports Does not allow you to place a subreport within a subreport. One way of working around your issue is to group by the highest level (main report) and then have the subreport information as a second group and so on and so forth.

    hope this helps.

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