I'm interning for the summer, writing a fairly simple shell script...I apologize for what is probably a pretty stupid question, but no one on my team had any information for me, and I can't find anything in the Sybase manual I was given.

I have a folder containing database objects. I need to check to see if these database objects, listed in Unix in one environment, made it over to the actual database in another environment. Simple enough...but when I embed my SQL to look at the actual database (using iSQL), how can I pass paramaters to this block of code? I need to pass a variable(s) containing the names of the objects I'm checking for so that I can...check for them.

I doubt this makes a difference...but just in case:

my variable containing the names is just ls db
all I need to do is sp_help(describe) [each object] to check to see if its there, permissions are correct