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    Unanswered: Login via SQL*Plus, multiple instances

    Up to this point, I've been logging onto the database via SQL*Plus in linux. As the oracle os user:

    [oracle]$ sqlplus /nolog

    SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Tue Jul 20 12:52:16 2004

    Copyright (c) 1982, 2004, Oracle. All rights reserved.

    SQL> connect / as sysdba

    There are two instances installed on another server. I can log in as above, and places me in one instance. I can't figure out how to log into the other instance though. I tried:

    [oracle]$ sqlplus "/@abc as sysdba"
    [oracle]$ sqlplus "/as sysdba@abc"

    as well as others once SQL*Plus is open

    SQL> connect /@abc as sysdba
    SQL> connect / as sysdba@abc

    with no luck. I searched Metalink, but nothing came up after 30 minutes of searching that dealt with logging into multiple instances.

    Thanks for the assistance,

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    try this:

    [oracle]$ export ORACLE_SID=abc
    [oracle]$ sqlplus /nolog
    connect / as sysdba
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