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    Unanswered: Error I cant figure out

    hey everyone.. i was JUST putting the finishing touches on my project when i got this error

    ' Member already exists in an object from which this object module derives '
    (see attachement) anyone can tell me what that means? Ive been going nuts trying to figure this out.. i deleted all the changes i made (ithink) but it STILL gives me this error Please Help
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    What I think it is saying is that when VBA is resolving its event procedure references there is a conflict. OK, it's saying the event is a Click event but for which control? Maybe even a form itself. Now you have to hunt down the actual object that is causing this error.

    Do you use VBA and code modules?

    Have you entered anything against the On Click property of any of the controls in your project?

    Unfortunately I believe this type of message occurs at the compilation stage so any thought of stepping through code is not relevant.

    Not really much help. Good luck.

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