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    Unanswered: DTS Fixed Field length File Limitations

    I am trying to upload a fixed field text file to a sqlserver table using the DTS wizard. The txt file has 111 columns and the total length of a single row is 5897. The problem is when I use the wizard to specify the starting and ending of each column, its not allowing me to specify the columns beyond the position 4095.
    Is there a limitation on this? if so is there a work around ? to solve this.
    Any help on this is truly appreciated.

    Thanks much.

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    I've never encountered this problem but then I have never had a file quite that wide.....

    Personally what I would do is write a quick wee app or ActiveX Script to slice the file in half and then do the import in two stages... probably doesn't help much but it's the best suggestion I can give you.

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