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    Unanswered: Can I shutdown and startup database through SQLPlus ?

    Hi all,
    I use my PC (run on MS Windows 98) to connect to Oracle database on Unixware server through SQL Plus 8.0. Can I shutdown and startup database through SQLPlus on client ?

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    no, for V8.0 you must use SVRMGRL
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    I read in Oracle document that if I configure connect string with this option:
    I can use shutdown and startup command. I have tried but wasn't successful.
    And one more question: how can I connect 'AS SYSSBA' or 'AS SYSOPER' from SQLPlus on client ?

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    Connect from SQLPLUS as SYSDBA


    You can connect to Oracle from SQLPlus as SYSDBA by:
    - Run SQLPlus
    - Enter sys/password@servicename as sysdba into User Name
    - Skip Password and Host String
    Click OK

    Good success,
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    I have tried and get this error:

    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

    I think user SYS already has SYSDBA privilege. How can I solve that? What is the difference between connecting 'sys/<syspass>@<connectString' with 'sys/<syspass>@<connectString> as sysdba' ?
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