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    Exclamation Unanswered: SQL 2000 and Active Directory?

    I've got a new project coming up regarding Active Directory and wonder if anyone can give me some pointers.

    Currently we have a SQL database table with all the user's details on which acts as an online telephone directory (used in conjunction with asp), with many other tables linking to that one user table.

    However now we're making the move to Active Directory and thus rather than taking the user's details from that SQL table, we'll be taking them from Active Directory.

    more or less.

    As I said we have many extra tables on that server which link to that SQL user's table and thus we can't simply get rid of that table or things will go very badly indeed.

    So what we may need is to somehow link the SQL Server to Active Directory Database (on a per record basis, if possible) and where needed pull the personnel details from Active Directory and the extra bits from the SQL User's table, i think.

    As you can guess, i still haven't worked out how to do this so i'd very much appreciate any ideas on this problem.

    Also if anyone has any experience with linking Active Directory to SQL 2000 i'd be very greatful to hear about it, regardless of size.

    look forward to any replies on this, appreciate it.
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