I am running Vsifax 2.1 on a Data General Aviion 8500 using DGUnix 4.11. My modem is a MultiTech 1932 fax modem which is the one Vsifax recommends for this version of their software. Now it has stopped sending faxes. fxsched and fxenable work fine. fstat shows the fax enabled and idle. when I try to send a fax the moded transmit and recieve lights flicker for a few seconds then go to idle. when i do fstat to see if the fax went, the last column to the right (which normally shows the status Normal, Retry, Busy, etc) shows FIMERR. I have reloaded the vsifax software, checked the modem and the cables, checked the phone line for a dial tone, checked the port to see that no other process is using it (because vsifax requires a dedicated port). None of these things fix it. I still can't send a fax. If anyone has any vsifax experience I would appreciate your help.