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    Unanswered: 8.5 Runtime Errors

    Greetings all,

    We have created a report in Crystal 8.5 and have mixed results when distributing. The report was created on a machine that has 8.5 and 9.0 versions installed, which we have since learned is a no-no.
    When the report is run on another machine that has just 8.5 install it gives about 10 error boxes, no text, before refreshing the data.
    When the report is packaged and distributed to workstations we have mixed results; on some machines it runs fine on others we get the same error behaviour.
    All machines are Windows XP with latest patches, SQL 2000 tools installed, using ODBC to SQL2000 DB. We have not been able to determine any difference in machine configurations that would cause the discrepancies.
    Does the problem reside in the report being developed on a machine with two versions of Crystal installed? If so, is there a way to repair and save the report?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


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    I have discovered that the errors are only happening on reports that prompt for parameters. Puzzles me further as I cannot determine any permission issues, all users are accessing the database with other reports and ERP system with no issues.

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    Solution Found

    Well I found a resolution but still don't understand the cause and effect as the problem was not uniform on all workstations.

    The report in question is a canned report from our ERP vendor. It had a number of formula fields that used the following:

    termstring(0,"Some text in here")

    I replaced all instances of the above with:

    totext("Some text in here")

    and now the report the works on all stations. I haven't been able to find the origins of the "termstring" function but am guessing it is Basic syntax?

    If anyone could shed further light I would be very interested.


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