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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure Question

    How do you test stored procedure that has IN parameters?

    create or replace procedure proc1 (ls_var IN varchar2, ls_var1 IN number, ls_var2 IN number)



    Please help. Thanks.

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    SQL> execute proc1 ('var1' , 2, 3) ;
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    Inside my stored procedure I insert the IN parameters into the table. The ls_var parameter should pass the stored procedures name.

    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (1, ls_var, 87, 4);

    I ran the execute command, but the table doesn't have these values.

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    After executing insert command, you should run commit command,
    then data is actually inserted into table.

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    you don't need a commit to see the data from the same session. Assume you're in sqlplus and you run the proc. If it finishes successfully, you can see the data immed. w/o a commit - you can later commit or rollback. However, another session will not be able to see the data unless it is committed. And, putting a commit into every proc is the dumbest thing possible.
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